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Welcome to the Ararat Rally 2018

Since 1987,  this navigational TSD car rally has been an exciting annual event organized by dedicated volunteers.  Created in support of Homentemen Glendale Ararat Chapter, the rally's purpose is a fundraising one, helping the organization as it serves the community's youth in Scouting, Sports and Cultural activities. 

Anywhere from 35 to 50 participating cars will leave the Ararat Center on San Fernando Road in Los Angeles, on a fall Saturday morning, to reach the finish line.  The rally takes approximately nine hours to complete, as the participants follow the road-book instructions to the annually varying destination hundreds of miles  away.  Each car is manned by a driver and a navigator, with a limit of four passengers per car.  Though the event's primary goal is charity, each team's goal is to reach all of the randomly selected checkpoints and the final destination at a precise time . 


2018 Rally Has Been Postponed


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